The sign at the entrance to Yarnell from the South has been contracted by Yarnell – Peeples Valley Chamber of Commerce and Yarnell Area Resource Group to be used to welcome visitors to our community, inform both residents and visitors of upcoming events, to promote the good of the community.

The program is being administered by YARG; it reserves the right to refuse or modify messages which it deems do not support the goal of the project. No political banners are allowed, as a condition of the lease agreement with the property owner.  Only signs which promote the good of the community will be allowed.

Banners to be placed on the sign can be purchased by any organization or individual to promote organizations, functions, and events in the Weaver Mountains Area.


Reusable Banners can be obtained by contacting Frances Lechner. The cost for a small (2’ x 10’) banner is $55 and the cost for a large (4’ x 10) banner is $100.

Send (email or hard copy) a draft of what you want the banner to look like. Submit at least one month prior to the month you have sclheduled the banner to be installed. You will be provided with a draft version of the banner.

At that point you can correct for revision or approve of the banner. Once you approve of the banner you pay for the banner before it is created. For posting the banner rental fees will apply. After the rental period is up you will receive the banner to store or use as you would like.

Note: It is best to keep the design simple using bright colors, large letters, and lots of white space. Also, if you intend to use it more than once, use generic dates – e.g.: third Saturday of February.


Rental fees are $15 per month for small banner; $30 per month for large banner, with a two month limit.   After that, if there are no requests for the space, it will be month to month rental until someone else requests the space.

Checks are to be made payable to Yarnell Area Resource Group.

Checks are to be made payable to Yarnell Area Resource Group.


A rental month will be from 1st thru last day of calendar month.  If you want to take it down immediately after event (prior to the end of the month) no credit will be issued and a Memorial Park sign will be used for the rest of the month.

Contact Judy Garner for scheduling one or more months hanging of your banner. Be sure to arrange a schedule prior to ordering your banner.

Once the schedule becomes partially filled it will appear here on the website.

If you have further questions contact either Frances Lechner or Judy Garner. See the BOARD page for contact information.