This year YARG hosted a revival of the BUZZARD’s BASH, a long time favorite event to welcome the annual return of buzzards to our skies and treetops.  The event was be on March 16, a day before St Patty's Day so we gave the event a bit of an Irish twist! 


Just a couple of pictures from the Easter Sunrise Service at the Park April 9, 2023


As a response to the request made on July 26, 2022 by Supervisor Harry Oberg, that the community members of Yarnell and Peeples Valley create a Vision Statement to be included in the county Comprehensive Plan for the next 10 years, the Vision 2032 Task Force of 10 members was created.  Although this Task Force is not a function of Yarnell Area Resource Group, we realize the importance of  creating the Vision Statement and have put the information onto our website to make it easy to access for members of the community.

The Vision Statement can be viewed by clicking on the green button above. 

The Ninth Annual Remembrance Event
took place at the Park on June 30, 2022.

Paul Jones started the program with an Invocation.  Chuck Tidey followed with stories of the park construction.  Frances Lechner gave a brief view of the first year of operations of the park.  Nina Bourbeau sang a moving rendition of “Blazing Honor”.

Arlon Rice from Yarnell Fire District and Shawn Bomar from Peeples Valley Fire District brought the audience up to date on the current efforts of their fire districts.  Mark Weise, Director of Operations, AZ State Parks and Trails commented on the beauty of the park.  Maria Adams followed with a lovely presentation of “Forever Young”.

Lew and Marcie Theokas read the names of the Granite Mountain Hotshots, with Bob Brandon ringing the bell as a tribute to each name read.  A brief period of silence was observed as a tribute to the hotshots. Lew and Marcie had done an interview with the television crews before the event and those crews kept the cameras rolling during the entire program.  

The program was ended by Linda Ma with an invitation for all to visit together under the cottonwoods at Lohrwood.  We hope all who attended enjoyed the Ninth Annual Remembrance Event.  

Easter Sunrise Service April 17, 2022

Possibilities Breakfast July 31, 2021

On July 31 at 8 AM YARG held the annual meeting and a discussion of the possibilities available to continue our mission.  The event was held at the Community Center and included a continental breakfast.  

Frances Lechner gave president’s report, stating that the biggest accomplishment for the year was the completion of the park in time for an Easter morning service to be held there on April 4th.  The formal dedication was on June 30 in conjunction with the Remembrance Event.  Approximately 700 individuals have signed the guest book so far and those working in the park have noted that only about ½ of the people who come to the park do not sign the guest book.

Projects Summary


  1. Home visits by Spectrum Health “Go Anywhere” team
  2. Maintaining the Park
  3. Transitioning to State Parks
  4. Establish Friends of the Park(s)
  5. Emergency exit from Glen Ilah – Jerry Postema (YWIA) / Linda Ma (YFD)
  6. Event Calendar – Jerry Florman (using electronic version, plus other? )
  7. Emergency Access / rescue – YFD


  1. Adult Exercise Park (6 checks) – Judy Garner, Gale Henry
  2. Biking Trails ( 7 checks) – Scott & Gina
  3. Hiking / Running  (1 check) – Barb Dow, Terri Denemy 
  4. Pickleball & Basketball Courts at Flora Mae Park – Barb
  5. Parking lot near Park (5 checks) – Terri Palmberg
  6. Highway beautification (4 checks) : Murals, clean-up buildings,  benches – Karen & Frank Venniro
  7. Revitalize Yarnell Daze – Buzzard Bash (Yarnell Daze Light?)Car show – Scott & Gina MoscropArt show   – Karen Venniro, Jerry Florman, Barb Schlegel
  8. Establish a “3rd Saturday” event program  (or equivalent) and publicize as a regular event to draw visitors and engage locals
  9. Senior Care facility

The Dedication for the park was on June 30,2021.

On June 30, 2021 a Memorial Remembrance Event and Park Dedication  took place at the Yarnell Hill Fire Memorial Park, located at 22556 State Route 89. 

Yarnell residents Marsha and Craig Lohr built the “19 Bells Memorial Chapel” on their beautiful shaded grounds west of the Memorial Park and invited visitors to pay tribute to the Hotshots at the Chapel after the dedication.  We sincerely appreciate their welcoming visitors to this beautiful location.

At 6 PM Acoustic Eidolon presented a Dedication Concert.  We appreciate their continuing support of the park!

The following buttons will connect you to You Tube videos of the 2021 memorial service and park dedication.  Click on the button you wish to watch.  You will leave this website to view the video.  When you are done watching a video press the return button at the top of your screen to return to this website and select another.

Veteran’s Day
November 11, 2020

Veteran’s Coalition of Central Arizona in conjunction with Weaver Mountain Health Organization held a Veteran’s Day Event at Yarnell Hill Fire Memorial Park.  Coffee and Donuts were served and Wal Mart gift certificates were handed out to the veterans who attended.  Those who attended also got to see the most recent updates to the park including wrought iron fencing and the start of the landscaping.  

The event was enjoyed by the many veterans who attended.

June 30, 2020   Remembrance Event

This years Remembrance Event was different in important ways from previous years.  It was a Virtual Remembrance Event on June 30, 2020, at 4:30 pm. The concern for our residents in the face of COVIID-19 risks led us to follow the lead of other organizations, and provide a digital version of a shortened event to celebrate the 7th anniversary of the Yarnell Hill Fire, and the tragic loss of 19 members of the Granite Mountain Hotshot Crew, were remembered in a 15-minute event available online.

It was available beginning as of 4:30 on June 30, as a way to heighten the awareness of the time the Hotshots perished. The ceremony included an invocation by Paul Jones, a performance of *Blazing Honor* (an original song written and performed by local musician Denise Roggio), flag raising by representatives of the Yarnell Fire District and the Peeples Valley Fire District, reading of the names of those who perished by Lew and Marcie Theokas, grandparents of Garret Zuppiger, one of the Hotshots, and an original bagpiping song performed by the daughter of a Yarnell resident. Visuals will include filming of the participants, along with still photos of remembrance symbols from throughout the community.  By coming to this website and clicking on the button in this area you are able to view the video.

Visitors to the park in 2020.

6th Annual Memorial Service

The 6th Annual Memorial Service for the Yarnell Hill Fire was held June 30, 2019 at the Yarnell Hill Fire Memorial Park.

Lew Theokas welcomed the attendees and Pastor Shawn Clark gave the invocation.  The Guest Speaker was Augie Perry, owner of Augie's Restaurant in Prescott, a long time supporter of Yarnell's Restoration and the Memorial Run.  Gale Henry did a lovely rendition of “Blazing Honor”.  After brief comments from the fire chiefs from Yarnell and Peeples Valley, Bob Broscheid, director of Arizona State Parks and Trails, spoke about the events of that day and the Granite Mountain Hotshots Memorial State Park.  Jack Rauh gave an update on the Memorial Park.  Cheryl Shearer and David Zambrano performed “Restoration”.  The final presentation was Lew and Marcie Theokas reading the names of the Hotshots with the bell ringing for each of them, followed by a moment of silence.


A Possibilities Breakfast was held for members of  all non-profit organizations in the region on Sat. July 20, 2019 at the Yarnell Community Presbyterian Church 16455 Tabletop Drive, Yarnell to engage more residents in collaborating for sustainable communities in the Weaver Mountains

After plentiful and delicious was shared Frances Lechner, YARG President, opened the meeting. 

Judy Garner, YARG VP and Treasurer made a presentation about the new website (which you re logged into) and the new Weaver Mountain Community Calendar.  This calendar can be viewed by going to our RESOURCES page and clicking on the link either on your smartphone or your computer.  Judy then went over the capabilities of the calendar and how easy it is to put entries onto the calendar.  Each non-profit is welcome to request an access code to put entries for their organization on the calendar.  Just send an e-mail to Judy at .  

After that, Frances and Scott Mayer, from Peeples Valley Fire Department, reviewed the progress on the Weaver Mountain Health Initiative.  This should be a wonderful option for many of the residents in the area.

Chuck Tidey followed with an update on the progress on the Memorial Park.  Although funds are getting short good progress is being made.

Lew Theokas also from Peeples Valley Fire Department did a presentation on work being done toward fire mitigation.

Frances Lechner then conducted the annual meeting of the Yarnell Hill Recovery Group, Inc. dba Yarnell Area Resource Group.  During that meeting Frances Lechner, Judy Garner, and Nancy Mahaffey were nominated for continuing terms on the YARG Board of Directors and voted in unanimously. 

It was a great meeting and good things are coming from this group!