A Possibilities Breakfast was held for members of  all non-profit organizations in the region on Sat. July 20, 2019 at the Yarnell Community Presbyterian Church 16455 Tabletop Drive, Yarnell to engage more residents in collaborating for sustainable communities in the Weaver Mountains

After plentiful and delicious was shared Frances Lechner, YARG President, opened the meeting. 

Judy Garner, YARG VP and Treasurer made a presentation about the new website (which you re logged into) and the new Weaver Mountain Community Calendar.  This calendar can be viewed by going to our RESOURCES page and clicking on the link either on your smartphone or your computer.  Judy then went over the capabilities of the calendar and how easy it is to put entries onto the calendar.  Each non-profit is welcome to request an access code to put entries for their organization on the calendar.  Just send an e-mail to Judy at .  

After that, Frances and Scott Mayer, from Peeples Valley Fire Department, reviewed the progress on the Weaver Mountain Health Initiative.  This should be a wonderful option for many of the residents in the area.

Chuck Tidey followed with an update on the progress on the Memorial Park.  Although funds are getting short good progress is being made.

Lew Theokas also from Peeples Valley Fire Department did a presentation on work being done toward fire mitigation.

Frances Lechner then conducted the annual meeting of the Yarnell Hill Recovery Group, Inc. dba Yarnell Area Resource Group.  During that meeting Frances Lechner, Judy Garner, and Nancy Mahaffey were nominated for continuing terms on the YARG Board of Directors and voted in unanimously. 

It was a great meeting and good things are coming from this group!