Peeples Valley/Yarnell Vision Statement

At a  July 26, 2022 Community Meeting, Supervisor Harry Oberg asked that the residents of Yarnell and Peeples Valley create a Vision Statement to be included in the county Comprehensive Plan for the next 10 years. A Vision 2032 Task Force was created with residents from both communities. They collaborated to write the Vision Statement below using input from the notices in the Yellow Sheet and on various social media.
So – how did we do?  Below is the Final Vision Statement the Task Force wrote.  The final version was turned in to the County on October 25, 2022.  Send any comments  to  
SURVEY! We know you have good ideas!  Yavapai County’s Comprehensive Plan 2032 is based on responses to surveys.  Those surveys are found online AND NOW AS PAPER VERSIONS at the library.  These surveys will be sent to the County for inclusion in the county Comprehensive Plan 2032.  PLEASE COMPLETE THESE AND RETURN TO THE LIBRARY by October 31.