TRAFFIC GRAPHIC SQUAD – Inspiring Beauty for Safety!   After reading a study on “Asphalt Art” that shows that art can make streets safer by encouraging drivers to slow down, several of our residents came up with the idea to form the “Traffic Graphic Squad.”

We all know that art is amazingly beneficial for both the artist and the viewer, but it turns out that it can also improve road safety.  While it may be a while before we do any Asphalt Art, the Squad members have come up with a number of great ideas to add art and beauty to the area.  These include creating bright banners to hang from the APS poles and exploring the idea of putting murals on the sides of some of the buildings in town.  We are also working on a fund raiser where we will sell peel off stickers for car and truck windows (or your house or business window if you choose) that will say “MY TOWN, SLOW DOWN”.  The stickers will be available at the Park during Yarnell Daze.

We are hoping to have the first set of banners in place by the first week in May.  They will be brightly colored with Yarnell appropriate designs – fresh air and friendliness.  We hope you will enjoy them.  If they work out well, they may start a trend for the future. 

We have contacted several businesses to discuss the possibility of painting a mural on the side of their building and have received a very positive response from many of them.  We intend to do these murals at no or minimal cost to the owner.  If you would like to discuss this possibility with a member of the Squad, please send that request to  The content of the murals will be similar to the banners – bright and emphasizing the wonderful qualities of our area.

Additional enthusiastic individuals who would like to see these project happen in Yarnell are welcome to join us.   If you would like to join the The Traffic Graphic Squad – “Inspiring Beauty for Safety” please send your name and phone number to  Initial efforts have obtained the support of the Yarnell Area Resource Group for use of their 501(c)3 to support any fund raising.  We have also received prospects for the donation of printing of the banners, paint, and other resources, and are working with ADOT and Yavapai County.

The Traffic Graphic Squad, helping to create a prettier, safer Yarnell.  For information call 928-899-7355.

To submit by email, create any jpg image proportioned in a 30″ wide by 84″ high format (2.5″ x 7″, 5″ x 14″, etc.) and attach it to an email to  Note in the subject line “Banner Suggestion”.  We will include this in the set of images that we will review for the creation of the first set of banners.  Please include your name.  We will use your email address to contact you.